We know that classical cinemas have been around more than a century, and over the years millions of movies around the world have appeared in cinemas. When I say millions, I want to note that each movie had its own teams, and of course films must have a budget for making and distributing them.

The camera is the key element of the movies. A good camera costs thousands of dollars, and not everyone can afford the price of expensive cameras… Let’s stop here a little bit. I guess the game has changed, and who has done this, of course the smartphone has.

The revolution of technology has enabled high-quality smartphone cameras; you can shoot at 4k or 8k from a device in your pocket. I have a personal experience to tell. A true story. The tragic event of my friend. We all have something to say. Now we have the opportunity, that, in this digital time, in this era of fast information, in the dynamics of our modern life, we don’t have to wait but “Tell Your Story with a Smartphone”.

You do not have to have hundreds of dollars to tell the story. You have to be creative and passionate. You have to be a movie enthusiast, and once you’ve made the movie you can show it all over the world, through numerous festivals dedicated to movies that are made with smartphones.

Our “Life Safety International Film Festival” is dedicated to passionate people who make films with smartphone

”Life Safety International Film Festival” it will be held for the first time in Kosovo, and is the only one in this format. Making films with a smartphone is only for those who are truly creative, and have story to tell.